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Doctor and Patient


All patients wishing to see us for the first time will require a referral from their General Practitioner (GP). If you are referred to see one of our Specialists you will be given an appointment time for your first consultation. 

First consultations: Your specialist will go through questions relating to your health and perform an examination, likely arrange some testing and it may involve an ultrasound scan on the day, or an office based procedure of some form (like a Cervical Screening Test or insertion of a Mirena).

In some circumstances you may also be consented and booked for an operation. If you are booked for an operation then you may also see our Nurse and complete some additional paperwork.

Follow up consultations are often shorter given your specialist will already know you, and may also involve an ultrasound or an in office procedure.  

If you have any further questions about your consultation feel free to contact our friendly reception staff who will gladly assist you.

Call 03 5562 2601

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