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Ultrasound is the most common form of imaging used in the Specialty of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. It allows a Specialist to view the internal organs of the pelvis and assists in planning the best treatment for you. Ultrasound can be performed abdominally or vaginally. Vaginal ultrasounds can see the pelvic organs with more clarity and definition.

Some of the reasons a scan may be recommended include:

  • Ovaries - looking for ovarian cysts, measuring size and their location, and in fertility for counting and measuring follicles

  • Fallopian tubes - to ensure they are not filled with fluid or a cause of pain, and to exclude an ectopic pregnancy in some cases

  • Uterus - looking at the thickness of the lining, and assessing the likelihood of a fibroid, polyps or adenomyosis as a cause for your pain or bleeding issues

  • Peritoneum - looking for causes of pain by assessing thickening or nodules caused by endometriosis

  • Pelvis - looking at the pelvis as a whole and where the organs lie in relation to each other as well as looking for fluid or blood within the pelvis

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